Himmeli Figure 3 The Wall Sconce

Spazz Happy


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Sconce designs are a great way to add geometric depth + dimension into your space. By using a small nail, you can fasten this piece to your wall, and nestle an air plant right inside. The base of the sculpture with support your plant and the negative space gives it room to stretch its vines into the air.

DIMENSIONS at furthest points
2.5 inches high
8 inches long
2.5 inches wide

To clean it, Brush rods with a soft steel wool pad // GRADE #000.


Air plants are fairly resilient and easy to care for. Consult an expert on how to care for your particular air plant, but in the meantime, submerge the plant in water from anywhere between 2 hours to over night, every week. Then shake off the excess water, and lean on side to air dry so the remaining H2O doesn't drain into the root. Once dry, return it to its happy home in the design you purchased from Spazz Happy Line Design!

Note: air plants in pictures are not included.

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