Ho Ho Holy Sh*t Button Pin

Astral Weekend


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Celebrate the psychedelic roots of Santa Claus with this hilarious yet informative button! A wild eyed Kris Kringle glides thru the yuletide ether, his magic sleigh is towed by a squad of jolly mushrooms- what does it all mean? You see, ancient Siberian shepherds noticed their reindeer would act funny after eating certain wild mushrooms. The shaman intuited that the psylocybin in the 'shrooms remained psychoactive through the reindeer urine and when the shaman ate the yellow snow, they would astrally project across the winter sky. Thus, a wise man, dressed in the crimson and white of the amanita mushroom flying behind a pack of magic reindeer on the longest night of the year. Try explaining that one to grandma over tea and cakes this Christmas!

This design was a collaboration with Dawn Aquarius, a beloved illustrator in the West Coast underground art world who specializes specifically in psychedelic images that are channeled directly from the Summer of Love. Her designs are coveted by collectors worldwide!

EXTRA LARGE 2.25" in Diameter (5.5 cm) button!

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