Blue Peacock Feathers Woven Ribbon on Organic Hemp Webbing

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Blue Peacock Feathers Organic Hemp Guitar Strap

This Vintage-Inspired design channels the vibes of your favorite musicians from the Sixties and beyond... and also offers a Modern and Eco-Friendly touch of being made with an Organic Hemp Webbing. Hemp is not only one of the sturdiest natural textiles available, but it is also incredibly soft and comfortable from the first time you sling your guitar across your shoulder.

Feedback Guitar Straps are finished off with thick and durable Premium Leather Ends and Metal Hardware. The adjustable length allows you to wear your guitar up high, or play low! This Hand-Crafted Guitar Strap is incredibly comfortable and sturdy, and will be a stylish addition to your musical arsenal.

Perfect for beginner or professional musicians, you can be certain your instrument is safe by supporting it with a Feedback Guitar Strap!

Works with Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars
Guitar Strap made from Organic Hemp Webbing, Woven Ribbon, Metal Hardware & Full-Grain Leather
Adjustable length of 34-58 inches
Width: 2 inches
Handmade in Portland, OR

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